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Must be 18+ to order from site

This site is for safety, protection, and self defense only.

Streetwize Design Co. Is not responsible or liable for any ownership, use or misuse after any purchases that are in violation of any state, federal, or local law policies. We are not liable or responsible for any actions, claims, injury, violations, losses, and or damage resulting from the use of these products. Including legal fees from your use or from site itself. Streetwise Design Co and employees also do not assume any legal responsibility for false statements about age and misuse of our items. You or any other party will not use these products to abuse or harass any other person. If any indication is given sales and use of this site will be halted and cancellation of products will happen.

You or any party will not make improper use, abuse, harass, misuse, or make false claims of or to our support services. You or any other party will not send anything to our Support services other than reaching out for help, questions regarding customization and shipping questions only.


Customers should assume all responsibility for knowing their state laws. Please read the Legality page and read the link for proper information on what state laws are for pepper spray. Pepper spray is legal in all 50 states provided that you are 18+ and have no existing prior convictions of assault or felonies. Any intention of misappropriating information by the buyer will result in cancellation of orders and refusal of service for any future orders. We reserve the right to cancel any orders for any reason at any time.

Also, please consider delivery and shipping times can vary due to weekends and holidays and possible weather. Standard shipping takes 5-7 business days and delivery will take as reasonably possible depending on delivery method chosen.


States that can not have pepper spray shipped to them:

Massachusetts, Washington DC, New York, Alaska, and Hawaii. 


Any orders placed in states where pepper spray can not be shipped to them will be sent without spray. If you would like something in its place you would need to contact us.

Streetwize Design Co. is not responsible or liable for lost, damaged, or stolen packages. If that happens a claim must be filed with the carrier immediately.


Insufficient addresses will be canceled and refunded within proper business days.


We make every effort possible to display accurate features, colors, and details as well as specifications available on this site. Colors may vary.


When you provide us with your payment information you authorize our use and access to the payment choice you choose to use. By that agreement, you authorize us to charge the amount that is due to that payment choice. If we believe your payment violated any of the terms we have the right to cancel or reverse the transaction. Again, all sales are final unless proven broken and claim has been submitted on your end with the carrier of your choice and you email us with damaged pictures. Refunds are to be determined on our end.



You will be required to pay shipping charges in addition to the price for the items you purchase. You are also required to provide us an accurate delivery address as well as recipients name. We want everything to be correct for we are not liable for any delivery sent to the wrong address or recipient as a result of sending inaccurate information.

Refund Policy

All sales are final.

Contact us with any issues to possibly resolve.


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